Wig knowledge: What are the hazards of wearing wigs?

Wig knowledge: What are the hazards of wearing wigs?

1, the biggest harm in wearing a wig is that it will cause hair loss! If the method of wearing a wig is not appropriate, pull the original hair, and hold the scalp, it is easy to cause external force hair loss!

2, wearing a wig will put pressure on the original scalp, long-term tied hair will make the naturally growing hair appear sick.

3, wig is flammable, the current market wig hair is mostly low temperature wire, low temperature wire is flammable, so wigs need fire protection, wig wig flame retardant.

4, the wig belt is too tight, easy to cause scalp discomfort, causing swelling of the scalp caused by external forces.

5, the wig is not clean enough, the material may easily cause scalp allergic reactions. If the wig is not clean, it may cause skin irritation. If the wig is kept for a few days, it needs to be cleaned.

6, the dyed wig is very harmful to the human body, the national standard wig formaldehyde content is lower than 75 grams per kilogram, under the reducing conditions, the raw materials are not allowed to decompose aromatic amines, aromatic amines may cause cancer. This is the most dangerous thing to wear a wig.

7. Buy the wigs, wash the industrial raw materials and chemicals with clean water, or infect the scalp and invade the human body.

What are the disadvantages of wearing a wig? I believe that I know now, so don’t bring a wig if it is not necessary.

Wig knowledge: Wearing wigs

Wig knowledge

Although wearing a wig can avoid perm, hair dye, and hair damage to the hair, but the long-term use of wigs, there will still be some bad, so when wearing a wig, there are still some things worthy of our attention.

1, wearing a remy hair extensions will not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive are best not to wear. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If a person with skin disease such as dermatitis or eczema wears a wig. It may aggravate the condition and wait until the skin disease is completely good. In addition, the summer weather is hot. Wearing a wig is not good for perspiration. So the wearer should choose a good quality wig when choosing a wig. Preferably with a breathable net, and should not be worn for a long time.

2. How do girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First of all, you should cover your hair with a headgear so that your hair is not exposed, especially the bangs. If you use a wig, pay attention to the color and the color of your own hair. Do not be out of touch.

3, wigs should be used to comb the hair dust on the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wig, dry it with a dry towel. Then blow it dry with a hair dryer or put it on the stand to dry naturally. This will not only help the health, but also extend the life of the wig.

4. When the wig is not worn. Use a hair-styling steel comb (do not use a plastic comb) to comb along the original shape. And then put it on a special wig rack or hang it on the hanger hook. Do not put it in the box for a long time and use a plastic bag to protect it from dust. Do not squeeze it when storing. Wigs are not easy to dirty, but you should also pay attention to maintenance and timing cleaning.