What issues need to be paid attention to when changing hairstyles?

What issues need to be paid attention to when changing hairstyles?

People are sometimes fickle, just like treating hair. If a hairstyle is long, I always want to change my fashion hairstyle to add points to my charm. So, for those who often change their hair style, do you know what to pay attention to in this process?

What should we pay attention to when changing hairstyles? Learn about the common sense before changing hairstyles:

changing hairstyles

Changing hairstyles first, please understand your style

On the road or in public places, you can often see non-compliant hair styling, such as a young girl with a head

The mature and charming big waves, or the elderly people, have a lovely princess head, and there are also some people who have a full-time job and a haircut who is very avant-garde and weird.

In fact, personality belongs to personality, but personality should be in harmony with your overall feeling. Otherwise, it will be self-defeating and self-deprecating. This should be paid special attention when choosing a hairstyle.

If you really don’t know which hair style you are suitable for, it is a feasible way to listen to other people’s suggestions. Whether hair can win praise, in addition to the design of the hairstyle itself, is closely related to identity, age, occupation and so on.

Changing hairstyles second, make a second face for the hair – trim

The same hair style has been left for a long time, and it will inevitably get bored. Especially for big waves or curly hair, after a period of time, the curl or wave is not as flexible as it was when it was hot, the hairstyle will change, and it will not feel beautiful enough to start the shape. Consider ironing again according to the original hairstyle, and worry about too much hair. At this time, you can use the hair cutting technology to make your original hairstyle show a new look.

Take curls as an example. After rolling loose, it is easy to become bulky and messy. At this time, please don’t ask the designer to thin the hair slightly. Then, according to the face type, length, etc., the appropriate level of processing, after completion, is a brand new hairstyle. Not only does it eliminate the damage from perm, but the part that was damaged by the last perm is also removed with this trim, and the hair looks more healthy.

Changing hairstyles third, find a hair style that can make up for the defective face is more important

Want to find a perfect face, it is a needle in the sea. Most people have more or less defects in their faces, such as the humerus is too high, the chin is too wide, the forehead is narrow, and so on. If you choose a good hair style, you can hide or weaken some of the shortcomings in facial construction.

Here are some ways to choose a hairstyle for a defective face.

Low angle: If you like bangs, you must make the front short, but never lower than the hairline, the hair should be combed away from the forehead.

High angle: for bangs or to make the hair wavy, so that the hair covers part of the forehead, the hair should be combed down.

Narrow angle: Comb back along two squats. If you have bangs or waves, never let it extend to the front of the temple.

Wide angle: The hair ends from the sides to the middle, covering a part of your forehead with curls and waves.

Big nose: comb the Straight hair high or comb back, avoiding the middle separation, it is best not to make curls or bangs.

Small nose: Never comb your hair up, bangs drooping, cover the hairline, don’t store too long.

Hair style is what we have to change, but if you want to change it, change the second, you need to pay more attention to the above content. The right one is the best. This sentence is also very suitable for the selection of hair style. Everyone must follow this principle. Of course, some small points of attention, but also we should understand the concerns, can not ignore them.