Super cute short hair

Who said that super cute short hair MM can not change the shape at will, want to try a new hair style, follow me to learn the short curly hair DIY, in the new year, create a lovely you!

1: In order to protect the hair from damage, please apply professional hair care spray on the hair before curling. Not only the surface of the hair, but also the inside.

2: Start with the left side, leaving the hair around your face and pull out a bunch of hair with your fingers.

3: Hold the hair bundle in your left hand and start with a curling iron in the middle of the hair bundle. Start the hot roll in the direction shown in the picture.

Super cute short hair

Super cute short hair

4: Hold the top of the curling iron with your fingers while hot-rolling, while sliding with the curling iron. Move the position of the hair. And want to increase the curl of the hair, you can warm it for 3 seconds.

5: According to the picture. The hair is treated only on the hair surface of the hair, which is more natural.

6: After the curly hairstyle is over, spray a styling spray, then gently untie the hair with your hand.

7: If the surface has a portion that is too high, press it with your finger. And finally do a little processing, and the production is completed.