Straight hair maintenance method

Exclusive to straight hair maintenance methods

For people with straight hair styles, pay attention to make the hair more straightforward during daily care. Next, I will introduce you to some small prints, hair care and hair care that is exclusively for straight hair. By using these methods to maintain, your straight hair will be more perfect.

1. Choose straight hair suitable hair lotion

There are many kinds of shampoos and lotions in the market. If you want an eye-catching and straight hair style, you should first choose the washing, moisturizing and protecting products for straight hair, because for different hair types, each The composition of the product is still slightly different. Sometimes the new shelves are also very useful. You may want to buy a small package and try it out at the beginning. If you try a few times, you will know the difference between easy to use and bad.

2. Replenish hair with hair oil

After blowing the hair for about 8 minutes, you can wipe the hair-free hair care products and gently wipe some of the hair at the end of the hair. This will make the hair roots moisturized and moisturized. The whole hair looks very oily.

3. Get straight hair mousse before going out

Usually it is easier to stir up the tail part, so squeeze out a small ball of mousse, grab it at the end of the hair, so that it will not make the hair sticky because of too many curtains. If you wait for a hair straightener, you can have a heat-resistant effect on the hair after you have applied mousse.

straight hair maintenance

Straight hair maintenance method

4. Blow your hair and sleep

If you don’t want to get up every other day, you have to dry your hair and comb it after washing your hair every night. When the hair is blown, the temperature should not be too high. You can take the hair dryer in one hand, and push the finger deep into the root of the hair to dry the scalp at the root.

5. The hair lice that wake up every other day rely on makeup water

In a place about 15cm away from the hair, spray straight hair with a hair spray, spray it to about 3 minutes, and the hair will disappear. In areas where the chaos is particularly severe, it can be sprayed to about 8 minutes of wetness, which makes the hair easier to shape.

6. Hair straightening with straight hair

Hold a small piece of hair split ends with a straight hair comb, hold the handle tightly with your right hand, and then slide the hair from the root to the end of the hair, and blow it with a hair dryer.

These hair care techniques are very practical for straight hair styles. If you have straight hair, then try these hair care tips. According to the quality of your hair, choose the hair care that suits you, so that your hair will get better and better.