Social Media Marketing Guide

HubSpot’s Social Inbox, a social media management software like HubSpot, is a good investment if you’re just starting to do social media. This tool will help you plan posts, monitor mentions, track social analytics and keep an ear on all your accounts. Later and TweetDeck share similar tools.

These apps can also sync posts across different accounts. This will allow you to post across multiple platforms and connect with followers through multiple accounts. It’s a good idea to update any content you have that isn’t current and republish it with SEO ideas. This tactic can draw new readers and is quicker than continually Chicago Social media Company creating new content.

You can use landing pages and blog posts to do this. Your social media strategy should help you put your best foot forward and build engagement. This is an actual update from 2013, originally posted in 2013. We update posts regularly to make sure our readers have fresh content on the blog, social networks, and via email. Don’t be scared of weekends. You can open the door to engagement by scheduling content launches for evenings. So even though it’s 3 AM, the tweet about your app update will reach people all around the globe.

HubSpot Life offers a behind-the scenes look at HubSpot’s culture. It features content posted by global HubSpot offices on social networks. HubSpot Life highlights posts made in other countries such as Paris, Bogota and Dublin during “off-hours” in the US. Do not schedule posts for evenings that require engagement from your staff. You might not want to post an Instagram photo asking followers to “Comment Below!” Posting about something at midnight is not the best idea, as you won’t be able interact with it.

In addition to using existing hashtags you can also make your own hashtags. Buffer created #BufferLove in the above example. This allows customers and followers to share their opinions about your product or media presence.

It’s OK to start small with social media, and not spend too much on visual content. But it is always a good idea include photos, videos, or graphics in any post you write. Canva, a free service that allows you to create and edit content, is just one example. GIFs are a great tool to reach younger audiences. You should never forget your smartphone. They can take stunning pictures that you can use on social media.

These intermediate tips are great for those who have tried social media before. These tips can help you make consistent content across your channels and increase clicks. Posting every hour is not necessary, but posting one to three posts per day will help you keep your brand relevant to your audience. It’s okay to repost user-generated material. So don’t be afraid to try out new content ideas.

To learn more about how to make user-generated content more valuable, download this free guide. A Facebook post can be enhanced by incorporating an infographic and/or eBook. Find more ideas like these in our list.

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