short hair styles in early autumn

In the early autumn, people have a refreshing feeling. MM, cool autumn, although long hair needs to keep warm, but the warm color of short hair is enough to make us feel warm. arranged 4 models of the most fashionable short hair styles in early autumn for your reference.

Cool handsome blue purple short hair style

Fluffy and messy short hair style, with blue and purple random dyeing, highlighting the three-dimensional facial features, making people envious.

Light red lotus short hair styles

short hair styles

This super-feeling and smooth line of short hair style, blurred hairline, high-gloss, light red hair color, highlighting the deep eyes.

Fine cut short hair styles

Chestnut color hair color, highlighting the delicate three-dimensional features, fuzzy hairline, ultra-short fine-cut fine hair, exudes simple beauty.

Mushroom short hair

This short haircut hairstyle, ultra-short mushroom short hair design, thick hairline overlap, bangs design is also very good-looking, this short human hair uk has both neutral beauty and cute fan, super street style.