Short hair style not to be missed in the autumn of 2018

Short hair style not to be missed in the autumn of 2018

In the autumn, the weather is getting colder. For many women who love beauty, they may be ready to start long hair, but not all girls like long hair. Nowadays more and more girls like short hair styles. For girls with short-term control, if you like short hair, let’s see which of the following is what you want!

Girls short hair style

In fact, as long as you master the short hair care skills, short hair girls can also change, different short hair styles can create different temperament and gas field, short curly hair loli cute, short straight hair refreshing and capable, short hair Handsome fake kid style, which one do you prefer?

Short hair style

Short hair with the shortest hair of a girl must be a lob hair type. Seemingly simple and very fashionable, whether it is a light-skilled woman or a big-fashioned woman, it is suitable, especially for women in the workplace to change their temperament and increase their attractiveness. The short hair style hair tail that just falls on the shoulder length creates a buckle design, and the face is slim and slim.

Air bangs short hair

Choosing the right hair style can greatly enhance the value of the face, but also create a more exquisite three-dimensional beauty. neck short hair with a light and thin bangs is more ethereal temperament. This short hair is especially suitable for the student party, and it is also very young and young, and the fashion lady may wish to get it up.

Short straight hair

Short hair style

Cute, with a little handsome and handsome style, a short face. The hair is trimmed to the chin part, and the short hair is naturally straight and natural, and it is combined with the forehead thin bangs to create the sweetness of the light mature woman. I want to match the monotonous feeling, and I can dye the maroon hair of the flower girl, and the sense of foreign air doubles.

Wob head short hair

The very stylish wob hairstyle is perfect for matching the curly hair on the simple wave hair style. You don’t need to take care of it every day. Like this, the short hair micro-volume design does not need to create a very clear hair dividing line. The long bangs are designed with long waves on the sides, so you don’t have to worry if you have a big face. It is absolutely beautiful.

Medium short hair

What short hair style is suitable for round face girls? In fact, this short hair is very good, super temperament is not very small. With a traditional medium-sized split-wave head with short hair, the hair retains natural black. For those who like the cute route, you can wear it with the hair band decoration. It is easy to have a fresh and fresh temperament in the early autumn.

Short curly hairstyle

What hairstyle fall for it? Those who like lazy winds, may wish to fashion this short hair small curly hair type. All hair is hot and small wave roll design to create an explosion volume. For less hair sister paper is particularly suitable, easily revealing the abundance of hair volume effect, eyebrow forehead with bangs, the second element girl style show.