Old man wig wearing method

Old man wig wearing method

1. First, the side of the hair net with a ring of elastic band facing down, and the other side is raised upwards.

2, there is an elastic band on the side of your own hair, do not let your real hair ran out, and the other side to mention, put your hair in the hair net, so as not to wear the old man wig will not smooth.

3, the hair is evenly spread in the hair net inside, the top of the mouth is placed on the head just fine, no special fixation. : Wig from the back to wear, then adjust, there are two size adjustment buckles on the inside of the inside, there is a strip in the middle of the two buckles, there are several small squares on the cloth strip, please adjust the buckle according to the size of your head shape Just go in.

4, bang can naturally get anywhere, find two small protrusions at the two places, this is to check whether the position of the wig is correct, pinch with the thumb and index finger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig properly.

5, wearing the finished, you can grab a few wig tops by hand, get fluffy.

Elderly wig purchase considerations

Old man wig

In fact, the raw materials of the elderly wigs are difficult to judge by ordinary consumers. Good man-made fibers are made from wigs. They are not replaced by ordinary fibers. The fiber materials used in high-quality wigs should take into account the surface, intensity. Thickness, toughness and elasticity of human hair extensions, and also prevent static electricity. Only when this wig is chosen is it realistic and fashionable.

To choose the appropriate wig to wear, otherwise it will cause scalp discomfort.

In addition to picking your favorite colors and styles. You should also check the size and quality of the hair sets. All aspects are satisfied to buy. Also note that in the corners and forehead, the wig should be relatively thin so that it fits the skin.