This category includes very few material items. Safe sleep for newborns is possible with a flat surface and a wrap (or a sleeping bag, depending on your baby’s preference). The American Academy of Pediatrics states that infants should be able to sleep in the same room as their parents but on a different surface. . . To reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths.”

The AAP recommends pacifiers. Studies have shown that sucking on a pacifier can help reduce SIDS and other sleep-related deaths. It triggers a baby’s natural suckling reflex. Keep a stack of 1-2 bassinet sheets, crib sheets, swaddling blankets, and sleep bags nearby if your baby spits up or blows out during the night. My favorite way to store kyte baby canada mine is in an Ikea rolling caddy. It makes it easy to move in the dark between the bed and the bassinet (it comes with wheels) and store on one of the shelves.

You’ll be able to find things in the dark and also learn how to swaddle your baby. For more information on swaddling, see our article on The Difference Between a Swaddle And a SleepSack.

A white noise machine is the last. A white noise machine is soothing for newborns just out of the womb, which can be quite loud. For nine months she heard your heartbeat and blood pumping. You can turn the volume up to make her happy. You can also download white noise apps or ask Alexa to play white noise.

You can instantly feel the difference in the quality and design of Kyte BABY sleep bags when you touch them. They are made of 97% bamboo rayon, which is a material that makes their sleep bags buttery-soft to the touch and is also incredibly breathable with temperature-regulating properties to prevent overheating. (And by “temperature-regulating,” it will keep your child cool when the room is warm and keep your child warm when the room is cool.) This is vital and important because SIDS can be caused by overheating. They are hypoallergenic and can absorb and evaporate humidity.

Did you know that your baby’s first diapers will contain a dark brownish-green substance called meconium, which is a dark brownish-green substance? Mec is your baby’s first bowel movement. And it can be sticky! Olive oil can be used to prevent it from sticking to the baby’s skin. This helps to lubricate the skin and makes it easy to clean up the mess the next time.

Meconium does not last for very long. After the first week on the earthside, the baby’s poo will gradually turn from black to yellow. You can use cloth diapers for this period, but disposable diapers are better if the meconium is too tiring to clean. You’ve heard it before: you can’t have enough wipes. These will be necessary for never-ending diaper changes. I remember my firstborn going through five diapers in five minutes. You may not know that reusable wipes are available. If you need to use them again, nearby burp cloth or washcloth can be used as a second one. You can read here five times how our ultra-soft bamboo washcloths were used for wipes.

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