misunderstanding of hot dyeing and hair care

Always tired of hot dyeing and hair care, but still split the fork? Just after dyeing for a long time, the new hair color has faded almost? Through the observation and commentary of the salon professional hair stylist, teach you to avoid getting into the misunderstanding of hot dyeing and hair care again.

1, dandruff is covered, so desperately anti-dandruff, remove grease.
The hair stylist commented: first understand the scalp properties, choose a special hairdressing products.
When sebum secretion is too strong, Bacillus sphaeroides does affect the massive death of skin keratinocytes, which produces dandruff. But because of the season

Dry skin, or contact with hair dyes that cause inflammation and allergies, can also cause scalp keratin metabolism too fast. When many people encounter snow fluttering, they are eager to buy strong shampoos, or add medicinal properties and inhibit the spore-cutting products of spores. Instead, the dry scalp is over-hydrated.

hot dyeing and hair care

It is abnormal oil, it is recommended to understand the scalp properties before the symptomatic conditioning.
The person with real scalp oil does not wash his hair one day, and the naked eye can see the oil at the roots. Especially in the summer, it is best to add a washable cover in the middle of the helmet to keep it clean. Otherwise it will be suffocating. Even if it is only a little, the scalp part is easy to breed bacteria.
2, with steam hair care, thinking that the more hot the more effective.
The hair stylist commented: moderate temperature can avoid eating the hair follicles too nutritious and prevent inflammation.
To the salon to do hot dyeing and hair care, usually with steam, so that nourishing hair care substances can play a deep role. Some consumers also learn to buy steam caps at home.

misunderstanding of hot dyeing and hair care

Hair care, the temperature may be too high, or used for too long, or the nourishing dry curly hair uk are products are also rubbed on the scalp and steamed together. As a result, the heat causes the scalp pores to open too much. And eats excessive and excessive nutrients, causing inflammation of the scalp.
The more oily the scalp, the flushing temperature or the steam temperature should not be too hot. So as to prevent the sebum from being stimulated and unable to calm down and promote the oil.
3, use cool and incomparable maintenance products, can solve the redness and itching of the scalp.

The hair stylist commented that the scalp that is sick because of sensitivity needs to be gradually relieved to regain health.
The hair stylist reminds you to remember the above knowledge and come to the site.