Life in San Mateo Park: The Epitome of Tranquil Living

San Mateo has a lot to offer. The city is conveniently located between San Francisco, California and San Jose. It has a vibrant business community, beautiful homes, and great public schools. San Mateo offers a variety of neighbourhoods, each with its benefits San Mateo Park Neighborhood. The Village San Mateo and Sunnybrae San Mateo are two of the best San Mateo neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers.

Village San Mateo lies between Bayshore Freeway (Bayshore Boulevard) and El Camino Real, around Hillsdale Boulevard. The neighbourhood is filled with cute, small ranch houses and has been a popular choice for first-time homebuyers. The majority of homes range between 1,100 and 1,300 square feet with no more than three bedrooms and two baths. Closely spaced homes create a neighbourhood feel.

Sunnybrae San Mateo, located north of The Village San Mateo and above the Bayshore Freeway, is in a similar area. The neighbourhood is also very sweet, with homes in different styles, 3 beds, and 2 bathrooms, all situated on picturesque tree-lined roads. Sunnybrae homes are larger than The Village, with an average size of 1,500 square feet. Sunnybrae Park and Sunnybrae Elementary School are also attractive to young families.

San Mateo’s real estate market is expected to soften in 2022, which will provide opportunities for first-time buyers. The median sales price, average price per square foot and the price per single-family home have decreased. San Mateo’s homes are on the market for longer and the percentage of sales price/list prices has decreased. The chart below shows the average price per square foot for 2022 in both neighbourhoods.

The Village and Sunnybrae both make great places to purchase a first-time home. Sunnybrae seems to be the best value in current market conditions. When comparing the 3rd quarter of 2022 to the 1st quarter of 2022, Sunnybrae’s average price per square foot on single-family homes sold is down by 19.1%. The Village, on the other hand, is down 8.9% when comparing similar figures. The median list price of active homes in these two neighbourhoods is almost identical, just below $1700,000.

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San Mateo’s Sunnybrae and the tranquillity of its community are the epitomai of living in the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula. It’s rich history and diverse neighbourhoods have a traditional vibe that starkly contrasts Silicon Valley’s high-tech, edgy feel. Sunnybrae residents enjoy a classic, gentile atmosphere. Many of the homes in Sunnybrae were built in the 1950s by Joseph Eichler with a modernist design that has aged well. You will also find many pre-World War II homes, ranches and modern architecture. You can even live on the South Bay’s water.

Sunnybrae is located directly next to Downtown San Mateo, which gives residents easy access to excellent restaurants, shopping, and a vibrant evening life without having to go to downtown San Francisco.

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