popular girls’ human hair extensions hairstyles

There are so many girls’ human hair extensions hairstyles, different face types with different hairstyles, and sometimes four seasons. Which hairstyles will make you look younger and look smaller?

human hair extensions


Bangs slightly oblique arc is playful and lively, and the medium and long hair is hot and simple and random, which makes the hair more fluffy and full, which can make the face look more compact and visual effect.

human hair extensions

Wine red long hair

Hair dye is definitely one of the must-have patterns for everyone who likes to toss human hair extensions MM. For the color of the hair, Xiaobian is the first to push the wine red. Not only because Xiaobian personally likes this hair color, but also this hair color is suitable for any season, but also very bright skin.

human hair extensions

Strong gas field in the bangs

The bangs in the middle point give people a feeling of strong gas field, which is more intellectual and mature, but the large volume that starts to burn from the ear has more feminine femininity. The whole style is stylish and the charm of a small woman is not lost!

human hair extensions

Naughty, mushroom head

Short hair with a mushroom head is also a very common hairstyle in short human hair extensions styles. The short hair of the mushroom head sometimes gives people a feeling of not feminine, so add a bright hair color! Absolutely make it look both naughty and capable, yet feminine!