How to wear wig is the most correct

Why are wigs more and more popular?

When people think of wigs, they will think that only when their hair is lost, they will wear wigs. Actually, many girls who love beauty are slowly falling in love with wigs. Now wigs are very popular in Japan and Korea, and they are very common. We often hear people say why there are so many beautiful women in Japan and South Korea? But did you find that your eyes were bright? Beautiful Japanese Korean MM usually has a beautiful hairstyle in addition to a stylish dress! But not everyone will have so much time to take care of it, but if you spend these hours every day to manage your hair, it is really wasteful, and it is not necessary. Is there any other way to make yourself more beautiful while saving this time to do something more interesting? Yes, wigs are suitable for men, women and children of all ages. Why are wigs so good? First, it has many styles, both men and women. Second, its style is trendy, followed by Japanese and Korean trends.

How to wear wig is the most correct way?

When choosing a wig, first make the long hair wig the same size as the wearer’s head circumference. Too small to have a sense of oppression, affecting the blood circulation of the head; too large, lack of security. On the basis of the appropriate model, the forehead is wide and narrow, and it is worn in the proper position. Wide, long court, wear wig edge slightly downwards, with a certain amount of curtains to set off; narrow, short court, when wearing, the edge of the wig is slightly upward, but should not be too upward Leave a small amount of curtains to set off.

wear wig

If you want to wear wig that looks more natural and will not be discovered, the first thing to do is to wrap your hair and learn it together!

1, divided into 5 districts, tie the scorpion

First, divide the hair at the top of the brain into three regions: left, middle, and right. Then divide the hair behind the brain into two areas, and then tie the hairs of the five areas together.

2, the clip is fixed

Use the clip to fix the small squats in the opposite direction on the scalp.

3, tighten the hair net

Wrap the entire hair directly from the back and fix it with a clip.