How to maintain long-term curl hair

Amy’s ladies know that curl hair looks good, but it’s hard to keep it. This is because your nursing work after perming is not done well. So, how can we maintain long-term curl? Today, I will introduce you to some, the secret recipe of curly care, let’s take a look.

A nourishing shampoo

Some need to use some nourishing and nourishing toiletries, or you can use shampoo designed for curly hair to promote hair absorption.

curl hair

Don’t blow your hair with a hair dryer

Do not blow your human hair extensions uk with a hair dryer after washing your hair. The heat of the hair dryer is relatively high, which will excessively blow away the moisture on the hair and make the hair become rough. Rinse naturally or with a absorbent towel.

Three hair, 70% dry, use elastic

When the curl hair is 70% dry, use the elastic element to grab the curl of the curl. It is best not to comb with a comb after the hair is dry.

4. Use your fingers to gently grab your hair and make a haircut.

Every morning, you should wet your hair and then use a moisturizing hair care product. Try not to comb with a comb, but to lightly grasp the hair with your hand to create the hairstyle you want.

The above is the nursing work after the curls. By taking these hair care jobs in place, you can maintain a long-term curl. Experts suggest that whether it is curly hair or other discoveries, if you want to make your hair style last longer, you need your best hair care after hairdressing. This is the key issue.