How to care for your hair after perming

I like perm, but I am incompetent? It doesn’t matter, today I will teach you how to manage your hair after perming, so that your hair is as beautiful as ever. However, there are precautions after perming, let’s take a look.

How to care after perming? Precautions after perming How to care for hair after perming

It is the end of the year. At this time, the barbershop will print advertisements with dyeing discounts, attracting many beautiful girls to do hair. It is normal to do hair, but how do we care after we have finished our hair? Especially after just perming.

1. When the hair is still wet, use a brush or a coarse-tooth comb to comb the hair, but do not pull it.

2, do not use hair brush to dry hair, otherwise the hair roll is easy to straighten, the hair is easy to break.

3, do not use a high temperature hair dryer, and can not be too close to the hair.

4, it is best to use a large wind tube to make the perm fluffy without messing up the curls.

5, after washing your hair or finishing your hair in the morning, you must use the American and French styling products to increase the strength of the curls.

6, hair after perm, easy to dull, appear boring, you can use some brightener to increase its luster.

What are the precautions hair after perming?

hair after perming

1, the correct method of blowing after perming

(1) When blowing, pay special attention not to blow directly on unwashed hair, otherwise the hair extensions is easily damaged.

(2) The hair dryer should not be too close to the hair, and the tuyere should be more than 5 cm away from the hair to prevent the horniness of the hair from being damaged by overheating.

2, after the hot care is very important

Because the scalp just after perm is very uncomfortable, the hair is also relatively fragile. Therefore, the application of hair firmer or white diamond hot care foam can avoid the above phenomenon.

3, after perming, should add some protein and moisture protection products

Some shampoos, conditioners and nutrients can be selected in a targeted manner. It is also a good choice for care oyster sauce.