How should girls care for straight hair?

The hair is long, the hair is always so difficult to manage, the girls are beautiful, most girls prefer long hair, straight hair. So, the question is coming! How should girls take care of straight hair? I believe that every girl has a small set of methods to take care of her own straight hair, and it does have their own benefits, but have you noticed? Girls have their own set of methods to manage straight hair, but there is no complete method of skin care, this is a bit of a loss! Look at the following method!

When wet, squeeze the right amount of smooth mousse, or the hair is equal to the palm of your hand, rub it on the hair, and increase the texture and sleekness of the hair. Then turn the hair dryer to the minimum position, comb the hair with a fine-toothed comb, and blow it from top to bottom in the direction of hair growth. When blowing, you can imitate the hairdresser, use a comb to buckle the hair outwards, or the head to the side to gently dry the hair, which can make the hair roots not scalp, making the hair look more fluffy and plump.

If you are tired of straight hair and neatly tidy, you want to be a little innovative, let the hair flow and messy, in the wet hair, take a proper amount of gel cream, evenly rubbed between the fingers to directly shape with your fingers; or use a hair dryer to lightly blow the key parts To make the lines look smoother

How to maintain straight hair

straight hair

Nowadays, it is popular with straight hair. There is a straight human hair that flutters in the wind is the dream of many girls. But why can’t straight hair always be smooth, and no matter how much hair is used, it doesn’t work? This is because the hair itself has been damaged and not healthy. The inner care of the hair is important to make the hair look good. Look at the several situations that the experts have summarized. Which one do you belong to? Start taking care of your hair for your own situation.

If the hair is dull, especially oily hair, the hair will lose its luster just after washing, no longer feminine. Then you have to choose a shampoo for oily hair, which can inhibit excessive oil secretion.

If the hair is often dry and static, brittle and fragile. You should not use the hair dryer excessively or improperly dye the hair, which will cause your hair to deteriorate. Then you should use moisturizing and heat-protecting hair care products before blowing to prevent the heat of the hair dryer from damaging the hair moisture balance, and the hair should not be too long; choose the targeted dyed or hot shampoo, the special ingredients can be And chemicals left in the hair (alkaline molecules and oxidized molecules); adhere to the care and do not use conditioner instead of oil.

How to maintain straight hair

If your hair is rough and knotted, it is not easy to comb and easy to split. This is because the skin of the hair scales is excessively opened, the internal protein fiber is broken. And the hair loses its elasticity and the friction between the hairs increases. Then you should be gentle when combing your hair, cut off the ends of the split ends; often do oyster oil care; use hair care products when blowing or combing, such as moisturizing spray repair lotion, hair lotion, etc.

If the scalp is itchy and dandruff, it is the result of the scalp’s natural balance being damaged by the following factors: sun exposure and environmental pollution. Emotional stress, insufficient rest, food nutrition imbalance; too many shampoos, dry scalp; Hair is not suitable, alkaline is too strong or soft or dandruff caused by fungi. If this is the case, the dandruff shampoo caused by fungi should be adhered to with dandruff shampoo (containing ELPT to effectively remove dandruff); pay attention to the balance of nutrition, work and rest, keep the scalp clean, choose natural shampoo products .