How is the wig smooth?

The wig is the same as the clothes, the clothes are worn on the body, and the wig is worn on the head. Although the two are different, they all have a role in improving their image and charm. However, if you want to have a wig every day, you can set off a beautiful person. If you don’t care, you can’t do it. How is the wig smooth? How to make wigs fluffy? Don’t ask anyone, you will know when you look down.

How is the wig smooth? Hair care is important, and picking a wig is also important. The wig material is nothing more than a fiber wig, a real wig, and a mixed wig. Fiber wigs are harder and straighter, while real wigs are more supple. Therefore, if it is convenient to take care of it, it is best to pick a real person wig.

How is the wig smooth?

Wigs must be worn for a long time. Put a bowl of warm water first, and use some shampoo properly. Please be careful when cleaning the wig, do not pull off the wig. The washed wigs are dried with a towel and allowed to air dry in a ventilated place.

Do not spray hair products such as styling water, gel water, hair gel, etc. on the wig, otherwise it is easy to make the wig knotted, the discs are mixed together, the cleaning difficulty is increased, and the hair becomes unsmooth.

How is the wig smooth?

Also use it when you use it. Before use, first take off the dust on the wig and tap the wig with your hand. This way the wig will become fluffy and straight. When wearing a wig, comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb. If the wig is not fixed enough, you can comb it with water and comb it, so it is much easier to manage.

After the wig is used up, remember to put the position. It is usually placed in the original package of the wig, and it will be taken out when it is to be used. This wig not only improves the life span, but also keeps the hair wig inconvenient and makes the wig straight and thin.

There is another good way to make the wig straight. Just put a non-oily wig care solution on the wig, which can keep the wig from being shiny and beautiful. Let the person wearing the wig be full of energy and vitality, and encounter a knotted wig, you can also use this care solution to solve.