Hair extension uk needs to pay attention to the following six points

The term Hair extension uk is not a long time. People who often make heads may often hear them. If you want to have a good hair style, then you must come to understand the hair.

Hair extension uk can make your hair grow longer overnight and transform any shape. Today, you are still short-haired, you can have long hair fluttering tomorrow, and the whole process is super simple, everyone can!

Everyone is suitable for hair extension: no matter what hairstyle you have, you can do it. For girls with short hair and long hair, they can achieve long hair through human hair extension uk. After the hair extension, you can also make a variety of shapes such as hair, hair and hair.

Short hair extensions vary in length: after short hair extensions, the length of the medium and long hair can be reached. There are fewer methods of splicing, and the method of bonding and fastening is often used. The benefits are stronger. After the long hair is sent and received, the splicing method is adopted, and the operation of the bonding and the fastening is more complicated, and generally requires two technicians to cooperate at the same time. But the advantage is that it is not easy to tangles the hair, it is easy to comb and manage the hair.

Hair extension uk

Level trimming after hair extension: It is recommended that the young girl cut the hair out of the layer before the hair is sent. After the hair is sent, the hair is trimmed by the technique of the head curve, and the hair layer is opened, so that the hair is not too much because of the hair extension uk. Neat and rigid, making your hair look lively.

Hair extension uk

The hair extension uk can last for a maximum of one year: the longest can last for one year. During which time it can be reorganized once again. And some of the detached hair can be re-attached to achieve better results.

It is not recommended to blow after the hair extension: all hair extensions uk. Not recommended for too much hair, you can choose a simple hair dryer. When shampooing, it is recommended to use some shampoos, conditioners or essences to help smooth hair.

After hair extension uk, carefully dye hair perm: If you are sending hair for dyeing. Then you must follow a principle that when the amount of real hair reaches 70% or more. You can properly dye it, but don’t damage too much, pay attention to timely maintenance.