Gutierrez added that having a regular team with the inmates creates

Crossman’s condition was clearly getting worse, and the lawsuit claims that Crossman’s medical staff and deputies at the jail failed to offer him emergency medical care for the bite. Crossman had “classic symptoms,” including red striations that emanated from the bite wound down his leg, below the knee. His infected foot turned black and started leaking from the wound. According to the lawsuit Crossman was only given Tylenol during his four-day stay in jail despite his worsening medical situation.

Crossman’s attorney Peter Schlueter stated that “a dollar’s worth” of antibiotics would have cured the entire situation, as well as an ounce or empathy and an hour of care. Sarah Rodriguez, Riverside University Health System spokesperson declined to comment riverside inmate search Thursday. She would not reveal what Crossman’s medical treatment was while in sheriff’s custody. She mentioned the ongoing litigation. Crossman, according the lawsuit, pleaded guilty to be released from custody and allowed to receive medical treatment at his arraignment held on July 26, 2021. He was taken straight from jail to Riverside Community Hospital where he was quickly admitted.

Crossman’s toe had been found to have gangrene by the hospital staff. The suit states that Crossman underwent surgery. Crossman’s initial plea was overturned by a Superior Court judge. John Hall, a district attorney’s spokesperson said that Crossman pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor of being drunk in public.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Edward Soto, Sheriff’s Sgt. California’s jails are reluctant to accept books from small, local bookstores. The same applies to books sent by family and friends of the prisoner. Books must be shipped directly from major national bookstores like Amazon.

We recommend that you limit your book purchases to Amazon. You can only view books that are available to purchase on Other 3rd-party merchants may also be able to sell on This will ensure that your books arrive safely. and many other online bookstores are also known to cancel orders sent to jails.

A national report this summer proving that incarceration has largely replaced hospitalizations of the severely mentally ill showed how the analysis supported what Riverside County was experiencing.

The Riverside County Jail Use Study, conducted by CA Fwd found that mentally ill inmates stayed in Riverside County jails longer and were booked more frequently. Riverside County’s jail study and the national report both explain why Riverside County has a long-standing, court-ordered jail population limit. This has forced county officials into making changes to the system.

Since the beginning of the year, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Riverside University Health System’s Department of Behavioral Health have worked together to treat mentally ill prisoners in jail. This has allowed for effective treatment and decreased recidivism.

Deborah Johnson, deputy director of forensics in the Department of Behavioral Health at Riverside University Health System, said, “When I’m not in meetings, I go to Sacramento for AB 109,”. “I believe as we go forward, we will probably hear more about other counties, since all the counties are struggling.”

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