Four winter hair care coups are here

The key to winter hair care is to stick to the word, and it is nothing to make up in the perfect hair care program! It’s relatively good for the overall hair care structure of the friends, but it’s sloppy! Although there are hair symptoms in the winter, such as severe hair loss, baldness and other symptoms, in recent years, there are only hair growth symptoms in winter! This is caused by the improvement of people’s quality of life! People are enjoying life, basking in the sun every day, but ignoring the hair that takes care of themselves! The winter hair care coup is here.

For people who love nature, how to be healthy and beautiful is a big problem, which seems to be a difficult problem for many people! This is not the case, and it is very simple to let your health and natural beauty walk together, just need hair care, but the premise requires your patience, not too complicated, you can achieve health and nature in a few minutes every day. So how do you care for your hair in winter, and what kind of prevention you need to do to make your hair healthier? This article is a small series of 4 hair care methods.

winter hair care
The first trick of winter hair care coup

Many people think that there is no ultraviolet light in the winter, so they are not afraid of the sun. This is not the case. The ultraviolet rays in the winter season are comparable to those in the summer, but the air is cold, not the ultraviolet light. “In addition to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, it will hurt us. The hair is also caused by its own factors, such as lack of water in the hair, the lack of water in the hair is a signal that the body is unhealthy. The hair contains about 10% of the water. You can use the hand to remove the hair. If you can hear the thorns back and forth. The sound of the thorns indicates that the hair is dehydrated, or that the static effect is also caused by the hair being too dry. At this time, it is necessary to replenish the hair. If it is done to prevent ultraviolet rays or face less, this itself It is a way to protect hair.

The second trick of winter hair care coup

Water is an important molecular organization. She is also the mother of every species. The human body contains 75% of water, and the importance of water is visible. Only about 10% of the water is on the hair body. Drinking warm water every morning can remove it. The body’s cache garbage can also effectively supplement the hair body water, usually eat more fruits, fruits with high vitamins such as apples, etc., otherwise the hair body will dry for a long time. In addition to the sweltering autumn, there is the sun that can burn people. We are vulnerable. The hair body is easy to fall off, causing unnecessary loss of image.

The third trick of winter hair care coup

Be sure to dry your hair before going out, because when the hair encounters cold wind outside, it will cause damage and split ends. Therefore, if it is a girl who is used to washing her hair in the morning, it is recommended to go out after drying. Ceramic electric coils allow heat to penetrate deeper and more quickly and evenly to the desired curl; while negative ion coils help eliminate the amount of damaged hair and prevent further damage.

Winter hair care coup fourth move

Some people will feel that the curly hair grows slowly in the winter, the hair loss increases, and the original hair is not rich and now more worried. Winter is a season when hair is “difficult”. If hair is going through the winter, the growth of hair in the coming year may be very good! This requires a certain supplement on the food, eat more fish, or seaweed: seaweed egg soup is very good. In addition, shrimp is also a very good food, high protein also contains important elements of hair, zinc.

Don’t think that shampooing is just to keep your hair clean. In fact, shampooing is the first step in replenishing your hair. In the winter, you should choose a shampoo with moisturizing effect. You can’t blindly control the oil. The scalp is the same as the facial skin. Excessive cleaning will increase the dryness and oil. And remember to deep repair your hair.