fashion wig so expensive?

In the current mainstream wig market, we can see different brands of different styles and prices. The expensive ones can be sold to thousands or even tens of thousands, while the cheap ones can be used in the hundred yuan.

A good wig is not only reflected in the excellent material quality and fine workmanship, from equipment conditions, manpower configuration to trimming technology, design and development, etc., which embodies many aspects of production. Taking advantage of the wig fashion that  gradually becoming more and more popular, we will take everyone to visit the production workshop of international famous brand fashion wigs to explore how such top wigs are made.

The precise process explains why fashion wigs are not simple

It takes up to 160 processes to produce a wig. Strictly speaking, it takes 2-3 days to produce a normal wig, and 3-4 days for a half-hand wig. A skilled worker can take about 2 weeks to complete.

The material used is a part of determining the price difference of the wig, and the difference in the production process is also a decisive factor. In the first process, the wigs that not neat  arranged in an orderly manner, and a set of hair combed neatly through special instruments. This step is more important in the whole process. Even a very skilled technician takes about ten minutes to complete a set of hair finishing.

fashion wig

fashion wig

The finished hair subjected to secondary combing by a person who responsible for the weighing. After the whole set of hair bundled and combed, standardized weighing performed. There are extremely strict requirements for each bundle of hair. And the accuracy to the standard of grams can highlight the fine craftsmanship of international brands.

After a bundle of hair rolls weighed and finished. It sent to the mold making workshop where the entire technician fixes the entire bundle of hair rolls. During this period, there are extremely strict standards and requirements on the density, length and weight of the hair. Not only must the technicians work carefully when they work. But they will handed over to the person for inspection after fixing.

The fixed hair style adjusted according to different models and different classifications. After the special person in charge monitors according to the production standards, the next process can entered.