Dandruff removal method

Causes of dandruff

Excessive grease

Most people care about whether they are full of oil and worry about the excessive oil on their faces. In fact, the sebaceous glands of the human scalp are more than the face, and the secretion is larger, which is more worthy of your nervousness. Sebum is a good medium for dandruff. The hair is not clean and the oil is too much. It is the most unique environment for dandruff, and it is also a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

How to get dandruff Causes and removal methods

Skin disease patient

For some people with skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, dandruff is more likely to occur on the hair, and this dandruff is different from ordinary dandruff, which is a large piece. If you have a similar situation, be careful and check to see if you have some skin problems.

Working pressure

Are you sweating or running for promotion, earning money, standing out from the crowd? Mental stress, emotional distress, or excessive brain use and lack of sleep can put stress on the body and mind, and stress is also an important cause of dandruff.

Endocrine disorders

The production of dandruff may also affect the changes in hormone secretion in the recipient. For example, adolescent women may be afflicted with dandruff before and after menstruation.

Irritating food

Eating irritating foods may also lead to increased dandruff, such as fried foods, which taste good, but it is also good for the taste of pityrosporum, sporogenes grow vigorously, and dandruff will certainly increase It is.

seasonal changes

Don’t over-think that the spring breeze is a romantic thing, it will also bring you troubles, such as spring and autumn seasons, the temperature is hot and cold, will make dandruff increase, so that your romance is greatly reduced.

Nutrient deficiency

Many people have dandruff and are also associated with the lack of B vitamins in the body.

After dyeing and perming

Have you ever tried to have dandruff on your hair extensions after just dyeing and ironing your hair for a few days? Yes, everything is wrong, dandruff is more likely to occur after dyeing and perming, so that after a few days of beauty, you start to worry about the dandruff that is not beautiful.


How to get dandruff

First of all, to develop good eating habits, work and rest time, so that you can adjust the endocrine, there will be no imbalance.

On the diet, eat less spicy, fried foods, mustard, raw onions, raw garlic, snacks, drink less, so the body is not so exciting. Drink more alkaline foods such as milk, eggs, seaweed and so on.

Adhere to the use of healthy and irritating shampoos, especially Chinese medicine ingredients, so as to protect the scalp. It is recommended to wash your hair for four to five days. Keep your hair, pillows, pillows and pillows clean.

Everyday diet needs to control the nutrition and matching, to ensure that the daily vitamins are not lacking.

The pressure of life learns to control, eliminate, and exercise more, and make yourself happy every day.