Can hair conditioner wash your hair?

Can hair conditioner wash your hair?

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Some friends buy shampoo products, mistake the conditioner for shampoo and buy them home. They have to use hair conditioner to wash their hair, or sometimes use shampoo instead of shampoo for convenience. So, can conditioners wash your hair? Let’s take a look at it.

Conditioner is used to maintain hair and provide nutrients to the hair after cleaning the hair. It does not have the ability to clean itself, so it is best not to use hair conditioner to wash your hair.

We usually use conditioner with shampoo, that is, after washing the hair with shampoo and then using conditioner. Hair conditioners don’t clean, so you can only use shampoo if you want to clean your hair. If you want to care hair and make your hair more supple, don’t worry, use shampoo to clean your hair and use it. Hair conditioner is carefully maintained.

What about shampooing with conditioner?

The main ingredients of conditioner and its efficacy

Hair conditioners are mainly composed of surfactants, co-surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, fatliquors, oils, chelating agents, preservatives, colors, flavors and other active ingredients. Among them, the surfactant mainly acts as emulsification, antistatic and antibacterial; the auxiliary surfactant can assist the emulsification; the cationic conditioning agent can soften, antistatic, moisturize and regulate the hair; the fatliquor such as lanolin and olive oil Silicone oil, etc. can improve the nutritional status of hair in hair conditioner, make the head bright and easy to comb; other active ingredients to dandruff, moisturizing, sunscreen, vitamins, hydrolyzed protein, plant extracts, etc. to impart various functions to hair conditioner, Commonly available on the market are dandruff conditioners, aloe vera or ginseng-containing conditioners, and the like.

Washing your hair with a conditioner is equal to whitewashing

It can seen that the hair conditioner does not contain ingredients for cleansing hair. The conditioner mainly used after the shampoo used up. So that the tangled hair is obedient and easy to comb. If you use hair conditioner to wash your hair directly, you will first give a feeling that it is still not refreshing and clean after washing, and the hair will soon appear greasy and stick to the scalp, giving a feeling of guilt. Equivalent to whitewashing hair