Beautiful short curly hair

Beautiful short curly hair is undoubtedly this year’s explosion hairstyle. I haven’t tried┬ábeautiful short curly hair girl. Let’s take a short haircut with this heat. Now Xiaobian will recommend some super temperament short curly hair to the younger sisters. .

2018 popular hot short hair, this year’s short hair popular hot roll
Popular short curly hair

This one is a short hair with a short mouth, that is, the length is flush with the mouth, just cover the widest gangster, it is very shameful, the young lady in the picture is hot in the hairline, because the curvature of the volume is relatively large, Even the square face, the fleshy face is suitable, and then dyed a brown, a red lips, with a short bangs is also super temperament.

The side face is also very beautiful, there is a kind of retro femininity, it is especially good to look at the color in the sun.

South Korean fashion blogger-vivamoon, can be described as a perfect interpretation of this inner buckle short hair, sweet, Yu sister style have been won by her. The inner buckle of the chin, the golden brown dyed + the middle point, this is the standard beauty girl, with bright colors of clothes, it is very sweet.

The advantage of the bangs in the middle is that you can switch at will, and occasionally change to a large deviation, it is more feminine.

Popular beautiful short curly hair

Beautiful short curly hair

It is also a short hair with a flush mouth. It is made up of a micro-volume at the end of the hair, with air bangs. Is it super sweet? The round face can’t help but want to pinch it.

Put on the curvature of the S-volume, and then make up the eye makeup. It is a bit more mature temperament, very royal sister Fan.

2018 popular hot short hair, this year’s short hair popular hot roll

The short hair of the outer curling curve can easily create a playful temperament. With the bangs on the eyebrows, it is even more cute, with natural black hair color, retro, cute, and smart.

This short hair with a curled outer volume and a small roll of bangs hot buckle are more playful and loli. The caramel color is very white.

South Korea’s Miss Sister loves an egg human roll short hair extensions, which is a relatively sweet short curly hair type. With air bangs, younger age, and more feel~

The tail of the egg roll head can also be made like the young lady in the picture. The inner buckle will be more clever, the outer buckle will be more well-behaved. The outer curl will be more aura, the dress looks like a lady, looks very sweet, and is a little small. The taste of maturity.