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Crossman is suing the jail for claiming that deputies, medical staff and prison officials failed to give him emergency medical attention for the bite. Crossman’s condition had already deteriorated. Crossman was able to show “classic symptoms” due to bloodborne infection. He had red striations extending from the bite wound all the way up his leg. His infected nail turned black from necrosis. The wound began oozing blood. According to the lawsuit Crossman was not given Tylenol or any other medications during his four day stay in jail.

Crossman’s attorney Peter Schlueter claimed that a dollar’s value of antibiotics would have healed everything. In a telephone interview, Schlueter added, “A dollar’s amount Riverside County Sheriff of antibiotic would’ve cured everything, plus an inch of empathy, an ounce, and an ounce, of care.” Sarah Rodriguez from Riverside University Health System declined to comment Thursday. She did not disclose what Crossman received in medical care while under sheriff’s arrest. She cited ongoing litigation. Crossman, according a lawsuit, pleaded guilty in order to be released form custody and receive medical treatment. He was immediately admitted to Riverside Community Hospital after he walked from the jail.

Crossman’s right toe was determined by hospital staff to be gangrenous. The suit claims that Crossman was then operated upon. Crossman was released by the Superior Court after he pleaded guilty to his initial plea. John Hall, the spokesperson for the District Attorney, stated that Crossman plead guilty to the misdemeanor offense of being drunk and was allowed credit for time served.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Edward Soto was also unable to comment Thursday because of the ongoing litigation. Brooke Federico, Riverside County spokesperson, stated that she had not yet seen and cannot comment on the lawsuit. California jails will not accept books purchased from small independent bookstores. Also, they won’t accept books sent to them from their loved ones. You will have to ship books directly originating from Amazon.

To make sure that your books arrive on time, we strongly recommend that you limit your Amazon book purchase. as well 3rd-party sellers and online bookstores are well-known for cancelling orders to jails or refusing to ship books according to prison regulations.

The national report that revealed that incarceration was largely replacing hospitalizations for the severely mentally ill this summer reinforced what Riverside County had already been experiencing.

According to the Riverside County Jail Utilisation Study that CA Fwd conducted, mentally ill criminals stayed in Riverside County Jails for longer periods and were booked more often. Riverside County’s jail study and the nationwide report revealed that Riverside County’s long-standing court-ordered limit on the jail population is a contributing factor. County officials have had to make changes in the system.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department which manages the jails has been working with Riverside University Health System’s Department Behavioral Health Department to help the mentally ill in jail. Their goal is to provide effective treatment, while reducing recidivism.

Deborah Johnson, deputy head of forensics for Riverside University Health System’s Department of Behavioral Health, said: “When we go to Sacramento on AB 109 when I’m at meetings, we hear that they have some pretty amazing programs.” “I think as they move forward, that it will likely be more from other counties because all the countries are struggling.”

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