3 lengths of curly hair are your choice

Every time I change my curly hair style, I always show people in a thousand-by-one appearance. Joe has recommended 3 different lengths of autumn and winter fashion hairstyles, and created different changes, so that you can do whatever you want, how to shape!

NO.1  Micro-roll long hair

The micro-volume long hair shawl is the dream hairstyle of many girls. Joe said that this curly hair style is based on the advanced long hair of autumn and winter, with a medium-volume perm to create a big wave and use deep gold. The copper color is the bottom and the light red copper color highlights the way, maintaining a rich but not heavy overall feel, but also makes the curly hair more soft.

curly hair

Step by step

1 First roll out the fluffy and lovely curl with a small roll of electric rod and fix the curl with wax.

2 Take a small hair bundle on each side and twist it to the middle and fix it with a hair clip. And adjust the cerebral palsy hair into a circular arc shape.

3 Gently gather all the hair to one side and tie it into a slanting ponytail with a hair accessory.

NO.2 Short curly hair

Very short hair style and ultra-short bangs, both modern and girly, with blue thin lines highlighting and elastic ironing to create a sense of hair, making short hair more stylish, low-key blue hair dye is not strange even in daily life . Joe especially suggested that the hairstyle is very suitable for modern dress and show fashion. In addition to the round face, this short hair is suitable for other face types.

Change hair 1 Evenly apply wax on the hand, grasp the hair on the head back, showing a strong standing sensation, and use the mud or hard wax to catch the hair of the tail.

After the hair is changed 2, the hair of the head is first scratched. And the hair is slightly scratched with a medium-hardness wax. The silk scarf or hair band is used to comb the bangs to create the Ao Li Li He-style bangs.

NO.3 Medium short hair

Firstly,  feminine short hair with a soft silhouette. It is recommended for the first time you try the length of the shoulder. With a soft bronzing slightly curved curl. Emphasizing the softness and fullness of the hair, even if the length of the neck is long. Chaos The cock is also very nice. With a low-key saturated purple and a purple-red highlight, which adds to the texture of the hair. Long oval shape, especially for round face.

In the middle of the haircut 1 haircut will be fixed to the end of the hairpin to become a BOB hair. Because there is no excessive thinning, even if the hair is still inward.

Change 2 First. The root of the head will be shaved. And the bangs will be changed into a middle point. After adding the hair band or headband with the clothing.